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When stories break down, you send in the Genrenauts!

Struggling stand-up comic Leah Tang is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the Genrenauts, a secret organization of dimensional travelers. Leah learns that our world is just one of many, and every other world is the home of a story genre — Science Fiction or Romance, Fantasy or Western — populated by archetypal characters and constantly playing out familiar stories.

The Genrenauts’ mission: find and fix broken stories. If they fail, the ripples from the story worlds will cause havoc and devastation on their home world.

Leah joins the team and dives head-first into the adventure. But the stories are breaking faster and worse than ever before. Will Leah rise to the occasion, or will she end up as just another broken story?

An adventure science fiction series for all fans of Leverage, Quantum Leap, or Redshirts!

Contains all six novellas from Season One of the r/Fantasy "Stabby" Award-finalist series:

The Shootout Solution * The Absconded Ambassador * The Cupid Reconciliation * The Substitute Sleuth * The Failed Fellowship (Part 1 & 2)

Brought to you by the support of hundreds of Kickstarter backers!

Cover art by Thomas Walker, Graphic Design by Sean Glenn


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Out of interest, how many words is this?

Over 150,000 if I recall correctly. I can pull up my Word doc if you need a more precise count.


No thanks, just wondering for my own eventual upload and what to price it at.


This is great!